This is an advanced course in the electromagnetic theory of light. Topics include electrostatics, Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic waves and radiation, antennae, waveguides, lasers, and the electrical and magnetic properties of materials. Concurrent (or previous) enrollment in MAT 224 is required. 3 cr. lec.

Solutions to HW problems:

bb1.1, bb1.2, bb1.3, bb1.4, bb1.6, bb1.7, bb1.8, bb1.9, bb1.10, bb1.11, bb1.13

bb2.1, bb2.2a, bb2.2bc, bb2.3, bb2.4, bb2.5, bb2.6, bb2.9, bb2.10

bb3.1, bb3.2, bb3.4, bb3.6, bb3.7, bb3.8

bb4.1, bb4.3, bb4.4

bb5.1a, bb5.1b, bb5.1c, bb5.1d, bb5.1e