Kerry K. Kuehn

Funding Opportunities

The work that I do would not be possible without generous funding from organizations such as Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. But there is much more work to be done.

I am actively seeking support for a number of projects and initiatives which are either unfunded or only partially funded. If you, or your organization, would like to support any of these, please feel free to contact either myself or the Development Office of Wisconsin Lutheran College. I will be updating this page occasionally to provide additional information and opportunities.

The Kepler Scholarship
This $1000 scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is pursuing a major or a minor in physics at Wisconsin Lutheran College and who exhibits virtues of the intellect and of character. The 2012 recipient was Timothy Kriewall, a double-major in physics and computer science. Currently, the Kepler scholarship is sustained on a pass-through basis by yearly donations from a few kind donors. In order to stabilize this important scholarship for aspiring physics students, the physics department at WLC is seeking to create a $25,000 endowment which will fund the Kepler scholarship in perpetuity.

Physics textbook production
I am currently contracted with Springer to write an undergraduate textbook entitled Physics: A student’s guide through the great texts. This textbook is based on the reading and analysis of classic texts by thinkers such as Newton, Kepler and Einstein. The copyright holders of these original works charge ``permissions fees” to include some of the reading selections in my textbook, which range from $400 to $1500 per selection. I am seeking a funding source to offset some (or all) of these fees prior to publication. In addition, I am seeking funding to support undergraduate research and editorial assistants for this project. This project provides students with an excellent opportunity to (i) engage in a potentially high-impact scientific and educational project, (ii) gain a deeper understanding of physics and the history and philosophy of science, and (iii) learn about the unique challenges associated with authoring and publishing a scholarly book. Typically, students receive a stipend of approximately $1250 for one semester of work.

Fluid dynamics research
I am always looking for funding to hire students and purchase laboratory equipment for use in the fluid dynamics laboratories of Wisconsin Lutheran College. While some of this work can be done with available funding, I am seeking additional funding to acquire a major piece of scientific apparatus–a combined PLIF/PIV imaging system. The cost of a PLIF system is approximately $55,000; that of a PIV imaging system is $43,000. Such a system would serve as a vehicle for providing scientific training for undergraduate research assistants who will be drawn from the student body of Wisconsin Lutheran College with the aims of fostering both technical proficiency and intellectual diversity. Cross-disciplinary candidates will be selected from the departments of computer science, biology, physics, mathematics and chemistry, as well as qualified students of the humanities and social sciences.