Kerry K. Kuehn

Let there be light!

From July 23 - Aug. 27, I am team-teaching (along with Dr. Daniel Ebeling and Dr. Robert Balza) a six week Bible class at St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church on the relationship between Science and Scripture.

I always find this to be a fascinating topic, especially because it provides a point of contact between Christians and non-Christians. That is: it provides an avenue for apologetics—the defense of the Faith.

Throughout history—and particularly during the time of the Reformation—many theologians were wrestling with how to think about the relationship between the revealed teachings of the Church and many new scientific discoveries. The curriculum at the University of Wittenberg, where many of the reformers (including Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon) held academic posts, reflected a thinking which was both broad and faithful.

During the first week of the Bible class (on July 23), I will be talking about Cosmogony (the science of the origins of the universe). In particular, I will be talking about both Christian and non-Christian views on the origin of the universe. For your convenience, I have included a link to my presentation in pdf format here.

The remaining weeks will look something like this:

July 23—Christian and non-christian views on the origin of the world. (Kerry Kuehn)
July 30—Did Adam have a belly button? Does it matter? (Daniel Ebeling)
Aug. 6 —Bye week (Professors at Lutheran College Conference)
Aug. 13—Biology, Evolution, and the Bible (Robert Balza)
Aug. 20—Follow up discussion on previous weeks
Aug. 27—…and more follow up discussion

I hope to see you there!