Kerry K. Kuehn

Liberal Arts Reading Group--Sept. 15

Last week at our liberal arts reading group (LARGe), we were introduced to the 'radical traditionalist' writing of Rene Guenon with his essay on Ancient Crafts and Modern Industry. This week, lets turn to his essay entitled The Illusion of `Ordinary Life'.

Here, Guenon continues his critique of the 'profane' point of view adopted by modern western man. In particular, he claims that in normal (i.e. traditional) civilizations the `sacred' plays an integral part. But in deviant (i.e. modern western) civilizations, there exists the notion of

'ordinary 'life' or 'everyday life'; this is in fact understood to mean above all a life in which nothing that is not purely human can intervene in any way, owing to the elimination from it of any sacred, ritual, or symbolical character…

We will meet on Sept. 15 at the Lehninger home at 4pm.

Planning ahead: on Sept. 22, let's plan to look at the chapter entitled The Iguana from Isak Denesin's 1938 novel Out of Africa. This will give us a few more weeks to obtain our own copy of Salman Rushdie's 1991 fantasy novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Then we can plan to begin Rushdie's novel on Sept. 29.