Physics 315

Electronic Circuits

PHY315 is a laboratory course in analog and digital electronics. Topics include: circuit analysis, operational amplifiers, filters, feedback circuits, diodes, transistors, and elementary digital electronics. Concurrent (or previous) enrollment in PHY 202 is recommended. In this course you will learn how to design, build and test electronic circuitry. You will also learn how to theoretically analyze such circuits. 1 cr. lec. + 2 cr. lab.

  • You can download the course syllabus as a pdf file here. This contains a calendar explaining what topics and lab experiments we'll be doing each week.
  • The first laboratory experiment is on DC circuits. The second part of this lab is on RLC circuits; we'll do this a bit later in the semester.
  • Here is a zipped file of the laboratory manual, which contains many of the lab experiments.