A Student's Guide through the Great Physics Texts

In early 2017, the final volume of my book entitled A Student's Guide through the Great Physics Texts was published by Springer. Details can be found by clicking on the links to each of the four the individual volumes in the sidebar.

Briefly, the book is based on a four-semester introductory physics curriculum which I have taught for the last decade to undergraduate students of he natural sciences at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Using this book, students read, analyze and discuss many of the foundational texts in physics and astronomy. It is designed to encourage a thoughtful approach to natural science, and to develop a suitable foundation for advanced coursework in physics.

This book can be used (i) in the classroom at liberal arts colleges and universities, (ii) by advanced home-schooled and high-school students who want to learn from the classics, (iii) by practicing physicists who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of the foundations of their discipline, and (iv) by humanists, social scientists, and motivated lay readers seeking a thematically-organized source-book in the history and philosophy of science.