Kerry K. Kuehn


“What I am saying is true and reasonable.” With these words, the Apostle Paul presented the case for Christ to King Agrippa some two thousand years ago. Today, Christians are also called upon to make the case for Christ before a skeptical world – at the university, in the workplace, even among family and friends.

In the “Practical Apologetics” course being offered at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Summer 2019, students will strengthen their ability to engage in apologetics – the defense of the Faith. Topics include: apologetics and evangelism, the reliability of the Scriptures, evidence and miracles, the existence of God, faith and reason, and scientific apologetics.

The intensive, one-week course is ideal for teachers, evangelists, administrators, students, and motivated lay-people who wish to be better equipped with grace and knowledge to win souls for Christ.

DATES: June 11-15, 2019
LOCATION: Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee
CREDIT: Course can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit • HOUSING: On-campus housing will be available